It's like getting an MBA in less than a day

Only it was created just for healthcare providers by healthcare professionals just like you. If you are building a cash pay practice, this course needs to be the next thing you do. You will walk through step by step of building your business into the profitable practice you have always dreamed of.
The Green Leaf Group

This Isn't Your Typical Online Course

Three Steps to Go From Learning the Material to Living The Dream

  • Video Classes

    Each video class is taught by a Green Leaf consultant that has worked on the front lines in a cash pay practice. For every topic you will learn the principles, case studies and statistics for proof it works and examples of what to do that you can use in your own practice.

  • Test Your Knowledge

    Following every class is a short quiz to reinforce the material you just learned. You can skip the quizzes, but we encourage you to take them as there is a ton of information in each class and we want to make sure to get the most of each and every one.

  • Worksheets

    Once you learn the principles of the class, download the worksheet and go to work on how you can implement each lesson you learned into your own practice. The worksheets help to keep you organized and when they are complete, send it in and get your free 30 min coaching session.

Entrepreneurship in a Box

From mindset to making money and everything in between

  • 1

    Getting Started - Mindset

    • Class #1 - Mindset

    • Test Your Knowledge

    • GLG- AGW - Cover Page

    • Class #1 - Mindset Worksheet

  • 2

    SWOT and Analysis

    • Class #2 - SWOT Analysis

    • Test Your Knowledge

    • Class #2 - SWOT Analysis Worksheet

  • 3


    • Class #3 - Culture

    • Test Your Knowledge

    • Class #3 - Culture Worksheet

  • 4

    Creating a Business Plan

    • Class #4 - Business Plan

    • Test Your Knowledge

    • Class #4 - Creating a Business Plan Worksheet

  • 5

    Creating a Business Model

    • Class #5 - Business Model & Pricing

    • Test Your Knowledge

    • Class #5 - Business Model & Pricing

  • 6

    Budget, Revenue, Projections and More!

    • Class #6 - Revenue Projections, Budget & Analysis

    • Test Your Knowledge

    • Class #6 - Revenue Projections, Budge & Analysis Worksheet

  • 7

    All About Marketing

    • Class #7 - Marketing: Why??

    • Class #7 - Test Your Knowledge

    • Class #7 - Marketing: Why?? Worksheet

    • Class #8 - Target Audience

    • Class #8 - Test Your Knowledge

    • Class #8 - Target Audience Worksheet

    • Class #9 - Attract Leads, Lead Conversion and Lead Nurture

    • Class #9 - Test Your Knowledge

    • Class #9 - Attract Leads, Lead Conversion and Lead Nurture Worksheet

    • Class #10 - Retention, Referrals and Reviews

    • Class #10 - Test Your Knowledge

    • Class #10 - Retention, Referrals and Reviews Worksheet

    • Class #11 - Reporting

    • Class #11 - Test Your Knowledge

    • Class #11 - Reporting Worksheet

  • 8

    Call to Close - Making the Sale

    • Class #12 - From Call to Close - Making the Sale

    • Test Your Knowledge

    • Class #12 - From Call to Close Worksheet

  • 9

    A Practical Playbook

    • Class #13 - A Practical Playbook

    • Test Your Knowledge

    • Class #13 - A Practical Playbook

Don't Go It Alone

We have been there and we have done this. Give yourself every advantage and create predictable profit and design a life you love.


Got questions? We are here to help.

  • How long with this course take?

    The course itself is about 11 hours of video content. Each class includes a downloadable worksheet and each worksheet will take time to complete. The amount of time needed will depend on how much planning you have already done and how much detail you want to put into it.

  • Who is this course for?

    We highly encourage the business owner to watch the course. But, anyone in your team that will be a part of building your practice will benefit greatly from the content. We recommend practice administrators, senior doctors and any partners to join you on this journey.

  • What if I have questions along the way?

    It is likely that you will have questions along the way. Each course purchase is eligible for a free 30 minute coaching session when you send in your completed worksheets. Consulting services are also available for one on one support.

  • Is there a money back guarantee?

    There are no refunds on purchased courses. However, if you are dissatisfied with your course purchase, we will offer a free 30 minute coaching session to help with any business development concerns you need in your practice.

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